We love the new live traffic feed

01-06-2018 Scott Wingert Uncategorized 0 Comments

Since Day 1 here it's probably the most asked question of the site - who visits midwestauction.com ?

Well, we knew then and still know now quite a few folks stop by. We've always had the gross numbers via Google analytics, and those numbers run fairly steady throughout the year. They only dip hard during harvest season and spike appreciably during the pre-planting and pre-harvest months.

But now, thanks to this new gizmo we came across the other day on another site, we can show people in real time who is visiting this site. At the lower left of the front page is a live traffic feed via the fine people from Feedjit. We love this program not only to show visitors who has joined them at the site, but it's also kind of mesmerizing to sit back and see who all is passing by. We strongly believe visitors will stay at the site longer just to people watch, so to speak.

Take a look at the video from Feedjit - it might work well at your site too!

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