An Easter miracle

03-15-2018 Scott Wingert 0 Comments

For Christians, this story is going to sound very familiar.

Auctioneer Ken Reding of El Reno, Okla., is walking around a year later as a real-life Easter miracle, having gone from death's door with a failing liver on Good Friday to arising in his hospital bed on Easter after a flurry of events that weekend that really, really went his way.

Ken had a poor liver for years and had been on the liver transplant list quite a while. His situation never required a transplant, though, until he walked into his doctor's office on Monday that week feeling sluggish. Ken's liver numbers were checked and he was not allowed to go home, and instead was checked into a local hospital.

This time there was no doubt - either a liver needed to be found in short order or he was a goner. By Thursday Ken said he was "past critical" and by Friday night his liver was septic and he was given only hours to live. Miraculously, by the grace of God, a new liver became available in the early hours of Saturday and he was rushed into surgery. The transplant was a success and on Easter - somehow, some way - Ken was up in his hospital bed.

Today, Ken says he feels as good as new and has lost about 100 pounds. And he's back in the auction business, doing what's made him happy for decades. Ken shared his story matter-of-factly, even with a twinge of humor, but he's quite aware of his enormous fortune.

"I'm not pushing daisies, I'm still pulling them," he said.

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