Roll on driver

03-03-2022 Scott Wingert 0 Comments

Like her neighbors down the road in Mayfield, Kent., Cindy Cash is still dealing with her own loss. But Mrs. Cash insists her team is ready for its big annual spring farm machinery auction March 12 in Mayfield.

It's been 3 months since a devastasting tornado ripped through Mayfield, and it's been just 11 months since Mrs. Cash lost her husband, the namesake of James R. Cash Auctions & Real Estate in nearby Fancy Farm, Kent. (pictured below). In almost 50 years in the auction business, it's no understatement to say this year's event in Mayfield will be unlike any other for the Cash team and local residents.

"It's going to be a long, slow process," Mrs. Cash said of the recovery. "But like James R. would say - Roll on driver."

Graves County commisioner Richie Galloway called the damage in Mayfield "complete devastation," but said most nearby tobacco and chicken farms escaped relatively unscathed. And the tornado completely missed the auction site at the county fairgrounds on the north side of town.

"It's unbelievable what nature does," Mr. Galloway said, detailing the long swath of destruction in Mayfield.

 Mr. Galloway said people near and far have descended on the area to help with recovery, signs of which are everywhere - from debris getting collected to basketball teams playing their tournaments. And now, it's spring and auction time again in Mayfield.

"You need some normalcy after disasters like this," Mr. Galloway said. "Yes, it will take years for the shock to wear off, but for now farmers, their work has to go on."

 And Mrs. Cash sounded downright fired up for March 12, embracing the challenge to carry on without her late husband. James R. Jr. now leads her team of top-shelf auctioneers.

"No one will ever replace James R.," Mrs. Cash said. "He had that natural God-given ability. But our son is darn good, and I think our B team is better than anyone else's A team. We're ready to go."

 So gas up the auction trucks and roll on driver.

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